What is Pender Growth Fund?

Pender Growth Fund is a public company that trades on the TSX Venture Exchange under the ticker PTF. It primarily invests in small but profitable companies, sometimes special situations and includes illiquid public and private companies. These companies can be novel investment opportunities, often in the technology sector.

Key Reasons To Own

An investment in Pender Growth Fund gives you access to private equity opportunities with public market liquidity. Investing in PTF gives you an investment in a number of private companies that are normally only available through financings.

As a public company, we can take advantage of a longer time horizon when considering an investment. We believe that thinking long term when investing is one of the few real competitive advantages left in markets today.  

Pender Growth Fund invests in opportunities identified by the Pender Investment and Pender Ventures teamsresulting in “best ideas” from the diverse perspectives of expert investors in both public and private markets. 

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This Week in Intelligent Investing Podcast: Finding Value in Fast-Growing Businesses

Pender Growth Fund Manager David Barr shares his approach to both private and public investing and weights in on how value investing has evolved as an investment approach. 

PenderFund Podcast: Andrew Wilkinson – Tiny Capital

Pender Growth Fund Manager David Barr chats with Tiny Capital Co-Founder and Managing Partner Andrew Wilkinson. They discuss Andrew’s recent experience of taking his company WeCommerce from private to publicly listed on the TSX-V, the tech sector and value investing.

PenderFund Podcast: Pender’s Private Equity Approach to Public Markets

David Barr, President, CEO and Portfolio Manager, chats with Kenndal McArdle, Principal, Pender Ventures. They discuss their private equity approach to public markets, and in particular, how this approach relates to Pender Growth Fund.


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